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Why Clutter Clearing Works

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Have you been hearing about clutter clearing recently and wondered what it is all about? While some people seem to thrive in clutter, most do not.


There are numerous scientific studies on how clutter affects us psychologically and well as physiologically. Some of the psychological issues clutter can cause include low subjective well-being, unhealthier eating, poorer mental health, less efficient visual processing and less efficient thinking.

In physiological terms, clutter in a space creates chaos in the mind. It can create breathing problems, mental confusion and overall discomfort. It also stifles the energy flowing through a room, so that the energy is stagnant and feels heavy and oppressive/claustrophobic.

Clutter can drain your energy both mentally and physically. It causes stress, anxiety and tension. It can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep. It can take away time because you are unable to find things easily. It can also cause you to spend more money than you would otherwise because you don’t know what you have in your home already.

On a visual level, clutter takes away the beauty of your home. When you have too much stuff, it is hard to see some of the beautiful features your home might possess. It can take away from an amazing view. It can distract from beautiful and meaningful pieces or art and décor.

When a room is clutter free, it feels open and expansive. There is room to move around. It creates possibility and uplifts the spirit. It is calming. You will be more productive in your time. You may shed excess pounds without trying. It will help you to release the past emotionally. It will help you to have more focused mental clarity. It can remove blockages in creativity. It will help with allergies due to less surface area for dust to collect. It opens you up to opportunity. It can give you more energy and bring happiness to your space.

What is clutter? Clutter can be paperwork/receipts, artwork and photos, accessories and collections, furniture, clothing and shoes, junk, and other similar items.

To thoroughly clutter clear a space, I recommend taking one section of a room, a closet or a drawer and empty it completely. As you remove each item, put into one of three piles: keep, maybe, trash. Once you have your piles, reassess the “maybe” pile, and determine if the item is something that you really need, use, want, or like. If not, plan to either sell it or donate it. Once you know what you are keeping, place items back into space in a neat, organized fashion. Throw away the trash. Systematically move around the space to clutter clear each area thoroughly.

As you clear out the old, you are making way for the new to come into your life.

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