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Meeting Ramtha – a channeled entity – pt. 3

Although I had learned so much from the school, at the age of 33, it was time for me to leave. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. Ramtha named her when she was 5 months in my womb, and that ended up being my very last event. I was in a highly toxic, dysfunctional marriage and business with her father, who I met at the School. I needed to figure out my complicated life.

I have not returned to the Ramtha teachings since that time, but I have been able to integrate the information I learned into my life to a certain degree. There was always a lot of controversy around Ramtha and JZ Knight. While I knew that what we were learning about the universe and our origins was truth (you know when you have that deep knowing when you hear or experience something?), there was also a lot of fear being taught that I didn’t buy in to. That fear continues to this day.

I appreciate that I have the ability to take what works and what is true for me and to leave the rest behind. I use this in all things that I learn about. This is what I help teach people to do for themselves. We all have the answers inside of. We just need to know how to listen and trust those answers when they come. It’s a continual practice.

Since “growing up” with Ramtha, I have had the pleasure to get to know other channels and really understand what channeling is. We all channel to a certain extent. Some do it through art, music, or other creative endeavors, some through writing, some through verbally communicating.

For me, when I am listening to a channel, I get really clear on whether their message is one of love and unity or it is based in fear. I choose to stay away from the lower vibration of those that channel duality and fear.

I resonate with the messages of my Arcturian guides and other higher dimensional galactic entities. When I see things from the higher perspective, it is easier to view the polarization of the 3D Earth in a neutral light and understand that all souls incarnated have a choice when they come here. They sign up for what they experience. It is not for us to judge why. I am here to shine my light. I had the challenging experiences growing up and in adulthood, so that I could work through those situations to be a wayshower for those still in the dark, with full love and compassion.

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