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Meeting Ramtha – a channeled entity – pt. 2

After leaving the Ramtha teachings when I was 16, I was reintroduced at the age of 28. I had just finished my PhD in Biology, and I was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Field Museum in Chicago. I had planned a trip to go back to Washington state to visit my mom for Christmas that year.

For my birthday present, my mom had scheduled a chiropractic appointment with her chiropractor in Yelm. He contacted me a week or so before my visit to ask me out on a date while I was in town, as he had heard all about me from my mother and had seen my picture. I said yes.

The chiropractor was a very active part of the Ramtha School, and knowing my science background, he shared with me about the new information that was being taught at the school at that time. It was all about Brain Physiology, Epigenetics, and Quantum Mechanics. I was intrigued and decided to learn more.

This started a five year journey in the Ramtha School as an adult, soaking up as much information as I could. The School had changed quite a bit since my teenage years in terms of the information that was being taught. As a teenager, it was more ethereal, spiritual concepts. As an adult, it was the science underlying the spiritual concepts, which I very much appreciated.

There were more disciplines and practices that we learned in the new era of the School, in addition to the original C&E work. Some of the practices that we were doing included remote viewing, telepathy and mind reading, candle work, mirror work (very different from what Louise Hay teaches), field work, blind-folded archery, and grid work, among other things.

We learned to interact with and call in entities from other dimensions, to communicate with them. There were thousands of photos taken during the events that showed orbs, plasma, and entities in the audience with us. We did exercises where we would draw a symbol on a card (everyone had their own symbol), and the orbs would respond with creating those symbols inside the orb bubble. It was incredible!

In doing the grid work, I was able to see through the veil to other dimensions where I could witness spacecraft in front of me. I was regularly leaving my body in astral projection. I was able to go inward to experience the void and understand who and what we truly are.

Outside of the School, I often had my own interactions with these entities. I would call them in and then take photos. This was a common thing in my life at that time.

The work we were doing was also opening up my mind to having other kinds of visions, including other lives that I had/was living. As an example, on the first date with the man that would become my first husband, he and I simultaneously had a vision of our life together in Scotland during the time of William Wallace (Braveheart). We were looking into each other’s eyes and this flashback occurred. We were fairly new in our relationship in that life when he went away to join William Wallace in war. He was killed during battle, and the relationship was over.

Stay tuned for part 3. . .

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