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You are already an established healer, but lately
you've been called to elevate your healing & channeling gifts.

You know you're good at what you do, and you've also
outgrown where you are and are looking to add a new modality
that accelerates ascension at the speed of light.

What is Galactic Ascension Channeling?


Imagine if Denise Linn and Dolores Cannon had a baby, which also incorporated elements of sound healing, light language, timeline shifting, and energy channeling from higher dimensional galactic realms. That gives you an idea of just how powerful this unique modality created by me, Dr. Lisa Thompson, is.

In a world where so many people are not knowing where to turn anymore for the truth, my new certification modality is the answer to that. It is going to be distortion free training to help you feel confident about connecting with higher dimensional galactic energies. You will know exactly where you are channeling from. You will know exactly how to do the energetic and ascension techniques I teach, so you feel 100% confident, 100% of the time, channeling this healing. As a result, clients are going to flock to you.  

You don't need to know how to channel galactic frequencies. That's why you come to me, so I can show you how to do that confidently. You may feel like you are not at the level you need to be to fully channel these energies. You are not expected to be there yet. That’s why I invite you to jump into this program to learn. We need more conscientious light workers to help shift the collective consciousness to higher vibrational reality for the highest and greatest good of all.

The beauty of this program is:

  • You’re going to go from having spotty client attraction to having a full roster of clients you absolutely adore working with.

  • You're going to go from having people re-enroll some of the time to clamoring to work with you because they get such amazing results from the techniques I teach you. They'll never want to leave.

  • You can go from making moderate to great money to making amazing money doing what you love and helping people much quicker than you have been.

  • You know your work is amazing, but you feel like there's a missing link and you haven't been able to put your finger on it. This very well could be the missing link you are looking for to impart even more into your clients to help them get even quicker results and to be known as the go to person for getting quick and lasting results.

  • You’re going to make more money because you are going to develop a level of mastery that premium clients are willing to pay more for.

  • This gives you an additional service, which adds an additional income stream to your business.

  • You will experience your own personal transformation by calibrating to your highest ascension point.

  • You will be able to consciously channel energy from higher dimensional realms to not only help your clients, but also help yourself at the same time.

  • You could have a business that’s almost 100% referral based because you offer so much value to your clients that they want to share you with everyone they know.

  • You will feel re-energized and lit up in your business, which will attract even more clients who will be magnetized to your frequency.

  • You will confidently be able to raise your rates to match the magic you are creating for your clients, knowing you and your level of mastery are worthy.

  • You and your clients will ascend to higher levels of frequencies in your daily lives, giving you more joy, love, and freedom.

  • You can offer this service remotely, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world and attracting international clients.

  • You will receive all of the tools needed to offer this service immediately upon certification.

  • You’re not going to find this type of certification anywhere else. It is truly unique, setting you apart in the healing industry.

You're already doing amazing work attracting clients, but you've noticed over the last little bit that it's been more challenging to attract clients. You may have wondered why. You're ready to upgrade your clients, but in order to upgrade, you're going to also have to upgrade your skills because the upgraded client is actually going to be wanting more mastery from you.  

As a Galactic Ambassador and Channeler of multiple galactic races, I am here to connect you with your higher dimensional, multi-dimensional selves and guide you to access your own unique energy healing channel. I am here to support you in growing your business to the level you want to achieve. I am here to calibrate you to your highest ascension point, where you can truly be of service to others with lightning fast and lasting results.


Here is what Dr. Lisa's clients have shared about

Galactic Ascension Channeling:

“It’s been months since my session with you and so much healing has happened. I felt guided to reach out & tell you how grateful I am of you and what our session has done for me. I have healed wounds with my own mother & my relationship with my daughter who lives with me is growing intensely, as well as new gifts of claireaudience and visions are getting stronger. I had a horse come up to me & ask me to heal it’s leg and a part of me was scared (to get kicked in the face- pretty sure this was just the ego) because after I put my hands on him and set intention for love and healing, immediately after the horse nuzzled me, and I felt this undeniable love just pour into me. I believe this healing gift of mine is just opening. So many breakthroughs, unexpected gifts, abundance, and love is flowing into my life!  I feel like my mindset is brand new. I am reborn. And I know this is just the beginning! Thank you so much I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have! I love you!” 


Nic W. 

“I have so many things to be thankful for this year, and you are definitely someone I feel gratitude to. I distinctly remember coming home and feeling like I'm okay exactly as I am.  I am even lovable maybe.  At the very least I feel more love for myself. All of my sensitivities no longer matter so much. They aren't my identity, but an aspect of how I was created. Since then I've been upleveling pretty quickly on a regular basis. I'm peeling back the onion of trauma, facing the bullying and viciousness of those I attracted into my life, and working on my relationship with spirit, which sounds generic, but is very complex. I'm the most emotionally stable and strong that I've ever been.”


Kerri A.

“Lisa helped me to let go of limiting beliefs that were holding me back from fulfilling my true destiny. I experienced a huge transformation during our session. Lisa made me feel at ease and able to discuss painful events that stifled my ability to move forward in my life. I was stuck in fear and though I wanted badly to quit my job and seek out something new and exciting, but those old limiting beliefs in myself held me back. Immediately upon my return home I posted my resume on a jobsite and within minutes received a reply for an interview! I attended the interview and was offered the job within 30 minutes. I gave notice to my job of 14 years, one that was super stressful and unfulfilling. I started the new job two weeks later, and I am happier than I can remember. I come home stress free and smiling. I have begun to exercise and meditate again. I am writing and being creative again. My family and friends see a huge change in me. I can’t thank Lisa enough for the major nudge to accept myself as worthy.

I highly recommend Lisa’s service as being life changing!”

Gail G.

"I have worked with many healers over the years, and I have to say that Lisa is a highly skilled professional! I was impressed by my experience working with her. I felt completely guided and safe as she directed my hypnosis journey in a meaningful and insightful way. As a result, I was able to completely relax and gain new insights about myself, my future, and more! If you’re considering working with Lisa, don’t hesitate to book your session now! You won’t regret it."

Diana B.

"I recently experienced my first session with Lisa - INCREDIBLE. Lisa is patient and knows what you need and when you need it.

She guided me step-by-step, and I felt comfortable and safe the entire time. You're in control of what you want to

accomplish and where you go, and Lisa is there to guide you the entire time."

Victoria Z.

“The healing session awakened my soul and reminded me of who I am and what my purpose is. 

Lisa has such a beautiful spirit, I am grateful for her sharing her gifts with us.”

Gina B.

Over 2 full immersive days, we are going to:

  • Calibrate you to your highest ascension point to be of service to others

  • Awaken your channeling abilities of higher dimensional frequencies

  • Remove blockages and limitations holding you back from being a clear channel of high frequency healing energy

  • Enhance your clair-abilities

  • Neutralize your emotions and view of reality

  • Connect you with your cosmic guides

  • Discover how to create sacred space for your clients

  • Cover the exact steps and techniques to help your clients get quick and lasting results from their sessions with you

  • Explore different strategies in channeling energy and clearing blockages of your clients

  • Practice with each other to integrate the skills so you feel fully confident in your abilities to channel higher dimensional energies on demand


When: Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22, 2024
Time: 10am to 5pm PST/1pm to 8pm EST
Where: private Facebook group and Zoom
How: via Zoom (details provided upon registration) - recorded in case you cannot make it live
Structure: a blend of teachings from Dr. Lisa, partner practice and integration with other members, coaching in the group


Once you have learned the skills needed, you will practice with others in the group to gain competency over the next several weeks. After 10 practice sessions after the weekend immersion, you will receive Certification Level 1. Certification Level 2 will be offered as continuing education and upgraded mastery of channeling of galactic energies from multiple sources, with the dates to be determined.

Founding “Standard” Certification



$3,333 or 6 x $597

*As a BONUS, you will receive a Welcome Gift valued at over $1,000 (gift box shipped to you after full payment), which will include ALL of the Tools you will need to get started to work with clients immediately after certification. You will also get a 1hour follow-up group coaching session for questions and answers ($500 bonus).


For those who desire additional support to maximize their results, Upgrade to the Professional Track Package. This is for both brand new to business and seasoned business owners. What you receive, in addition to the full training above with bonuses:

  • Group coaching 1-hour sessions, twice a month, for 6 months (12 sessions total) to get additional training and ideas to expand your business for maximum success

  • Expert advice from Dr. Lisa, who has 22 years of experience starting and growing three different successful businesses in multiple industries

  • Support and guidance from your fellow cohorts

  • Guest expert trainings to hone your business skills even further

  • Facebook group for additional questions and practice

  • A 1:1 private half day strategy session with Lisa

Professional Track Package

Founding “Professional” Certification



$3,333 + $2,222 = $5,555 or 6 x $997


To really amplify your connection to higher dimensional frequencies, add on the in-person Galactic Experience Retreat being held in Waikoloa, HI from Oct. 2-6, 2024 for a discounted rate.



“Standard” Certification plus Retreat - $7,777 or 6 x $1,397

Professional Track plus Retreat - $9,999 or 6 x $1,797

(payment options are available – just inquire if you need this option)


Dr. Lisa Thompson is a 7 time best-selling author, Galactic Ambassador and Channeler. Her sole-authored books include “Wisdom of the Galactics: Channeled Messages to Elevate your Life,” “Connection to the Cosmos: Remembering Your Galactic Heritage and Embracing Your Oneness,” “Sacred Soul Love: Manifesting True Love and Happiness by Revealing and Healing Blockages and Limitations,” and “Sacred Soul Spaces: Designing Your Personal Oasis.”


Dr. Lisa is a Starseed who has incarnated on Earth to help usher in the frequencies of fifth-dimensional New Earth. Through her vocal channeling, she brings forth messages of love, unity, compassion, and inspiration to help shift timelines for her audience. Through her energetic channeling, she is a clear vessel for higher dimensional frequencies from different galactic realms to bring forth multi-dimensional healing for individuals, as well as for Mother Gaia. She is here to bridge our understanding and connection to our galactic guides and family and to help awaken humans to understand who they truly are.

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