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“This morning I was reflecting on the trip I made to Hawaii in February 2022. During that trip I had the opportunity to experience an Individual Retreat with Dr. Lisa Thompson. Lisa helped me to let go of limiting beliefs that were holding me back from fulfilling my true destiny. I experienced a huge transformation during a Past Life Regression exercise and an extensive conversation with Lisa. Sitting on my hotel balcony listening to the waves crashing below Lisa made me feel at ease and able to discuss painful events that stifled my ability to move forward in my life. I was stuck in fear and though I wanted badly to quit my job and seek out something new and exciting, but those old limiting beliefs in myself held me back. Immediately upon my return home I posted my resume on a jobsite and within minutes received a reply for an interview! I attended the interview and was offered the job within 30 minutes. I gave notice to my job of 14 years, one that was super stressful and unfulfilling. I started the new job two weeks later and I am happier than I can remember. I am appreciated and of service to this new company. I come home stress free and smiling. I have begun to exercise and meditate again. I am writing and being creative again. My family and friends see a huge change in me. I can’t thank Lisa enough for the major nudge to accept myself as worthy. I highly recommend Lisa’s retreats as being life changing!”



Are you ready to make a shift in your life?

Join me in person on the Big Island of Hawaii, or online via Zoom, for four (4) hours of deep dive coaching and healing.

Each VIP Day is custom tailored for what you need in your life to help you move through any blockages or limitations that may be holding you back from living your most joyous and fulfilled life. Modalities include Quantum Cosmic Energy Healing (SM), Regression therapy, Human Design, Sound Healing, Channeling, Oracle Card Reading, and Light Language. Lisa will intuitively cultivate an experience that maximizes your transformation.

Here are just a few examples of areas of your life we can focus on:

  • Business/career

  • Relationships

  • Self-love and worthiness

  • Connection to your higher self, higher dimensional beings, and the Universe

Are you ready shift your life and live in your full authenticity? I am here to guide you.

To find out more, get your questions answered, and to schedule a date, contact me at


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