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Galactic Ascension Channeling (SM)

Galactic Ascension Channeling (GAC) is a modality developed by Dr. Lisa Thompson, which combines multiple techniques and tools including, but not limited to, regression therapy, sound healing, crystal therapy, oracle card reading, light language, and channeling.


Sessions done in person or remotely via Zoom

Single Session – up to 2 hours - $333

3 Session Package – 90 minutes each - $777

5 Session Package – 90 minutes each - $1,199


Past/Parallel Life Regression

Journey to one or more lives to heal issues in your current life and/or expand upon your qualities, talents and abilities. Journey to the future to meet your future self.  You can create your future, change your probable outcome and impart wisdom from the future to your present self.


One 90 minute Session (in person or over Zoom)  - $333


Meet Your Galactic Family

I guide you through a meditative journey to meet your galactic "guides and/or family" and understand your relationship to them. You will understand how they have been a part of humanity throughout time. This experience will provide you with a newfound appreciation for the evolution of humanity and how we fit into the expansive Universe.

One 60 minute Session (in person or over Zoom)  - $222

Angel statue

Meet Your Spirit Guides and Messengers

On this journey, you have the opportunity to meet your spiritual guides and messengers to hear what messages they and your soul have for you. 

One 60 minute Session (in person or over Zoom)  - $222


Visiting Hawaii? Join me for a Private Retreat OR come do the Big Island UFO Tour.

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