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Visiting Sedona, AZ for the First Time

About five years ago, I took the family on a spring break vacation to Sedona, AZ. Before the trip, I had an energy clearing session with my friend, Colleen. During the session, something came up on the clearing that she was a little confused by. It had to do with clearing and deleting alien implants and related things that were attached to me. She confirmed my connection to entities not of the Earth.

Colleen was a little confused about the information coming up regarding the alien stuff in our session, as it had not come up in any of our previous sessions. I told her about our pending trip to Sedona and that I had signed us up to go on a UFO Tour. That revelation put it all into perspective for her.

Once we were in Sedona, we met the guide for the UFO Tour. She taught us all about how to identify what is known in the night sky in terms of behavior of light. She explained about the energy that craft give off and the different colors the energy puts out.

Before we were fully set up, several of us, including me and my son, saw a glowing orange orb low in the horizon not far from where we were standing. I knew immediately this was a spacecraft, and Melinda, our guide confirmed what we saw.

Once it was dark enough, we were able to look through the advanced military night vision goggles. At first, we saw the identified objects and their behavior, including airplanes, satellites, and meteors. Once we got used to these objects, we were able to see some truly unusual behavior. We watched the night sky and could see a specific portal where ships were leaving, without explanation.

I already knew spacecraft and alien visitors were real, but to see this activity in such great quantity was amazing and transformational. It was another layer of experience. This inspired my me and my husband and to start our own UFO Tour company in Hawaii, with our own experiences and information.

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Stop using our culture to make money! Hawaiʻi has been raped enough by you transplants! Tutu Pele will take care of you and yours.

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