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The Science Underlying Sacred Soul Space Manifestation

When you are designing a Sacred Soul Space, you need to determine what the overall intention of the space will be before you add in any design elements. The intention of the space will dictate to a degree what colors are used and what imagery in artwork and décor is used, as well as smells and sounds to enhance the space even further.

There are underlying scientific realities at work in any given environment, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Buckminster Fuller said, “Environment is stronger than willpower.” When you understand the science behind the design, you realize how each component can either add or detract from a space based on the intention for the room. Some of the scientific factors of Sacred Soul Space design include quantum mechanics, epigenetics, psychology, and physiology.

Quantum Mechanics

With quantum mechanics, the overall intent needs to be the forefront of the design. You are the observer in your space, and whatever you are observing or taking into through your environment will become your reality. Do you want to manifest more wealth and abundance? Then you will need to surround yourself with colors and items that represent wealth. If we consciously create our environment to support a particular dream or goal we have, we are immersing ourselves within a multi-sensory environment that runs through our subconscious mind.


In simple terms, epigenetics is how the environment impacts the expression of our genes, which goes hand in hand with quantum mechanics. When you are immersed in a particular environment, as the observer, your gene expression will be modified due to the environmental factors. If your family carries a particular disease in their DNA, even though you also have the gene, it does not mean it will be expressed. The environment has to be conducive to those receptors exposing those parts of the sequence to create the proteins. Your environment influences your physical health. Creating an intentional space that keeps your emotional and spiritual environments balanced will strengthen your health.

Psychology and Physiology

Psychology and physiology work together in Sacred Soul Space design. When we examine different colors, each color affects us psychologically and physiologically at the subconscious level. It is important to understand how we personally react to each color, as there can be variation among people. Each color holds a particular frequency and meaning, so we may need to stay away from certain colors if it conflicts with what we are trying to create or manifest. For instance, if we desire a space that helps us to relax and rejuvenate our minds and bodies, we will want to use low energy, cool colors, such as green, teal, blue and purple. We would stay away from the warmer high energy colors.

Regarding artwork and accessories, you will want to include pieces that inspire you and support your intention. You might incorporate items from travel, of specific places in time and space, or special animals that you love. If the artwork is more abstract in content, having colors that enhance your space is important. Bringing in different types of plants can enhance your space for specific intentions. If you want to attract love, jasmine and orchids are great energetic attractors.

What intention do you want to create in your personal Sacred Soul Space? I would be happy to help you design your Sacred Soul Space.

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