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The Power of the Vision Board

Creating a vision board that helps you visualize your goals and dreams daily is a powerful tool of manifestation. Having a vision board in your Sacred Space makes the space even more energized with your intentions. When you are in your space looking at your board, you are able to generate more energy toward your dreams, so that they become reality.

If you have not had the opportunity to create a vision board, it is actually quite simple. Boards can be made for your overall intention in all areas of your life, as well as for specific areas, such as career/money or love/relationships. Decide if your vision board will be general or specific.

You will need a few materials to create your vision board. A thick poster board is used as the base. You can determine if a small or large one will work best for your dreams. I personally like the large ones, so that I can fit more images onto the space. Glue sticks work really well for gluing the images onto the board.

Using magazines, pictures and other paper based materials, cut or tear out words and images that symbolize your dreams, what you want to manifest and how you want to feel. If you don’t have a pile of magazines at our disposal, you can ask to borrow from friends and relatives if they have desired titles and are okay with you tearing them up. You might need to purchase some magazines that have the types of words and images that speak to you. You can also find images on the internet to print out for use.

Once you have your images and words ready, it is time to place them on the board. Some people like to pre-place everything before they start gluing. Other people glue as they go. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The key is that you are able to see all of your intentions, so don’t cover up words with larger images. You can layer the words onto the images. You can be as organized as you like or as abstract and random as you like. The time and focus that goes into creating your board helps you to hold your intention in your mind’s eye during the process.

Once you have your board completed, hang it in a prominent place in your Sacred Space where you will see it daily. The more time your mind takes in the images on the board, the more likely it will become part of your subconscious mind that will call it into being.

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A.B. Bunch
A.B. Bunch
Jul 17, 2021

I was OBSESSED with vision boards as a kid and young adult. I still love doing them, but now I'm finding it to become a bit difficult to collect some resources (mostly magazines these days) so I will make some on-line. I love using Canva for my digital vision boards.

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