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Signs and Messages from the Universe

Did you know that the Universe is constantly sending you signs and messages? All you have to do is pay attention to the environment around you. In my experience, you will get the messages in the form that you can receive, which will be different for each person. Some of the common ways that signs and messages show up include in the form of animals, numbers, rainbows, feathers, and coins.

Animal Messengers

Animals show up in our lives in different ways. There might be an animal that crosses your path directly, asking you to pay attention to it. There might be other times when the same kind of animal shows up repeatedly until you can’t ignore it anymore. There might be an animal in your dream to give you a message. When specific animals show up in your world where it is so obvious not to be coincidence, take note of the animal and do your research to uncover the message or sign that animal is sharing with you.

A few years ago, I had spiders show up six days in a row in two different locations – three days in Washington and three days in California. I knew this was not a coincidence, so I finally decided to interpret the message the Universe was delivering to me. Spiders were a sign that my higher self was guiding me toward a deep understanding of my place and purpose in this life. It was also a sign that my grandmother was there to support me in my new direction I was embarking on.


Numbers are a common way for messages to be received from the Universe. There may be a particular sequence of numbers that you continually observe. Each number has a different message to provide to you. The numbers may change throughout the day or week. Take notice of the numbers showing up, as they have guidance for you.

Around the same time the spiders were coming to me, I was waking up at 5:55am several days in a row, without an alarm. In my research, I discovered that the number 555 is an angel message. Five on its own is significant, however a triple 5 is even more significant. The message I received was that divinely guided positive changes were unfolding. I was releasing old fears and whatever was not serving me. Now when I see 555, I know change is coming.


Rainbow symbology can come with a few different messages. Some believe that rainbows are a bridge that connects you from one moment to the next of your spiritual evolution. They can mean that a new beginning is about to happen or that it is time to take a leap of faith in a new direction. The appearance of a rainbow at a funeral or similar type service can be a sign from the loved one that has passed that they are still there and all is well. In general, rainbows are a sign of luck and hope.

Last year I was at a memorial service for the father of one of my friends. We were outside, sharing about what a wonderful man he was, when I noticed a very bright double rainbow in the sky. His wife had passed away six months before he did. To us, that was a sign they were together again and all was well. It was a comfort to my friend that had lost her parents.


Feathers are beautiful symbols from the heavenly realms, representing hope and spiritual growth. They can be a sign that your angels and guides are there to support you. They can be an acknowledgment of your wishes and desires being heard. Each feather color has a different meaning and angel associated with it, so pay attention to the color of the feather that crosses your path.

When I have experienced finding feathers, it is usually a sign to me that my guardian angel is there with me. I have the love and support from beyond.


Similar to feathers, coins are signs from angels, guides, and loved ones that they are there to support you. Notice if the coin you find happens is located in an unsuspected place on a specific day that might have meaning to you and your loved ones. It could be a sign that your loved one is there with you. Finding a coin could also mean that luck and abundance are on the way.

Coins and other money showing up in my life have been signs that abundance and prosperity are on the way. I have friends that know the coins they discover are from their deceased loved ones. Whatever your interpretation, it is correct.

Ask your questions to the Universe, and then watch and wait for the answers to come to you. Become aware of your surroundings. Be open to receiving messages from beyond. They are there for you to understand. The signs and messages are all around you.

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A.B. Bunch
A.B. Bunch
Jul 17, 2021

The universe is always trying to tell us something, are you listening?

You can't put the universe on hold. Whenever we try to, where do you find yourself? Usually somewhere in between missed opportunities & feeling like you're stuck in Groundhog's Day. 🙃

Life can change so much when we cultivate and maintain that awareness to receive messages from the universe.

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