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Design With Intention: 5 Strategies to Enhance Your Sacred Soul Space

Designing a Sacred Soul Space in your home or office will give you a place to escape, a peaceful oasis, to re-center yourself and remember who you truly are and what you can create. To achieve a true Sacred Soul Space, the look and feel of the room need to be in alignment with the person designing it. It has to be clear of old and negative energy, as well as clear of clutter and chaos. It needs to include items that have special meaning to the person or to the intent of the space itself.

A Sacred Soul Space can be a place to heal and rejuvenate. It can help you reconnect with your higher self and the divine source. It can strengthen abundance and prosperity. It can support creativity and imagination. The key is that the space incorporates specific intentions with the greatest possible outcome in mind. Your personalized Sacred Soul Space will strengthen your ability to manifest your dreams and re-align yourself with the Universe, as you are immersed in your consciously created environment.

Here are five strategies to help you enhance your personal Sacred Soul Space:

Clear Your Space

Clutter clearing and smudging your space have huge impacts on how a room looks and feels. Clutter creates chaos in the mind, so removing non-essential pieces of furniture and unnecessary objects, papers, and similar items will create empty space to give the eye and mind a place to rest. Once your room has been de-cluttered, I highly recommend smudging the room to remove any residual negative energy being held in the space.

Choose Colors for Intention

Every color has a unique frequency, creating specific psychological and physiological reactions and emotions. It is important to choose colors that specifically carry the frequency of the energy that you want to create in your space. For instance, if you want a peaceful, relaxing, healing room, you will want to use soothing cool colors such as green, teal, blue and purple. If you want to create an energetic space that brings joy and happiness, you might choose yellow and orange for your room.

Space Plan For Good Energy Flow

Place furniture so that the energy moves easily through the room. From the door of the room, physically walk through the space, feeling where there might be energetic blocks. An example of this might be walking into the back of a sofa immediately as you enter the room. The sofa creates a wall to block energy movement. Try placing your furniture in different positions and walking through the space to determine what looks and feels best to you. Keep furniture placement balanced within the room, so that not all furniture is placed only on one side of the room, leaving the other space empty.

Accessorize With Meaningful Imagery

Choose wall art and décor that you love and help enhance the meaning of your space. Artwork can have specific imagery that inspires you. Alternatively, if the art is abstract, it can include the colors you want to incorporate into your space. With accessories, add in those pieces that have special meaning to you or specific imagery. Perhaps you have décor that you’ve collected in your travels that inspire you and bring happy thoughts. Include it in the room. Do you have a favorite location? Include photography or paintings of that location.

Incorporate Spiritual and Energetic Elements

To strengthen your space even further, incorporate additional items, such as crystals, plants, vision boards, and altars. As with colors, crystals and plants carry different energy and will enhance your space in different ways. Vision boards and altars create great visual reminders that reinforce what you are trying to manifest. Consider additional environmental elements such as sounds and smells. Play music that resonates with the feeling you want to be immersed in. Diffuse essential oils that produce the specific emotions you want to feel.

In what ways will you enhance your Sacred Soul Space? For more information on how to specifically design your personal oasis, I have created a step-by-step workbook and online course that takes you through the design process. Click here for more information.

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