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Coming Out as a Galactic Ambassador

Recently, some friends and family have questioned me about the “sudden” emergence of my social media posts and pictures with aliens. I would love to share with you about this shift in my messaging.

In moving here to Hawaii, I feel like I have been able to come out of the proverbial “closet,” so to speak. I knew that when I arrived on the island, it was time to step into my full authentic, weird, wild self, no matter what anyone else was going to think. The majority of my life had been wrapped up in presenting myself to the world in the way in which I thought I would be accepted by my peer groups, which meant hiding parts of me that did not fit the group dynamic.

The final releasing of my old paradigm of disguising myself occurred when I liquidated my design company, Design Smart, earlier this year. This was the last thread to my former life that was holding me back from showing up fully in my light, experience, and wisdom. Once that weight was lifted, the final mask was tossed aside.

Now it’s time for me to show the world who and what I truly am without apology, without exception, and without any worry that I will not fit in. My purpose is much larger than I could have ever imagined it to be growing up, and I am ready to live that purpose. I am a Galactic Ambassador helping you to find your place in the cosmos. I am here to help change the fear-based narrative that the government and media are presenting in their “disclosure.” I am here to share the message that love is the root of all existence, and we are all one. There is no separation. It is only a figment of our 3D based reality. Our galactic family is here to support us. They are not here to harm us.

The truth is out there, and even more importantly, the truth is inside of us.

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