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Bring the Outside in for Peace, Energy, Wealth and Healing

One way to make your Sacred Soul Space feel amazing is to bring the outside in by adding greenery. Plants provide energy to a room, soften the space and add beauty. If you choose to bring in live plants to your Sacred Soul Space, there are specific plants that are known for their special properties.

Jasmine – attracts positive energy; strengthens relationships and builds romance; attracts love and money; aphrodisiac; encourages prophetic dreams; soothes stress and provides energy

Peace Lily – prospering spirituality, mentally and physically; improves flow of energy in home; purifies air and neutralizes harmful indoor gases; good in bedrooms for tranquility and restful sleep

Bamboo – symbol of good fortune and prosperity; attracts joy and wealth; offers protection and luck; promotes mental and physical well-being; aids in spiritual growth; helps develop artistic talents; encourages good health; influences life energy, vitality and physical activity

Rosemary – promotes mental and physical well-being; purifies air to keep free of toxins; uplifts mood; reduces fatigue and anxiety; improves memory; brings inner peace; helps with sleep; attracts love and encourages lust

Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum) – produces positive energy flow attracting good luck and fortune; reduces anxiety, stress and negative thoughts

Aloe Vera – bears good luck and positive energy; many healing benefits

Orchid – attracts positive energy and improves energy of home and lives of homeowners; attracts love; soothes the soul; deepens friendships; associated with fertility and virility

Basil – clears air of negative energy; attracts positive energy to home; antioxidant with antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits; brings love, passion, wealth and luck

Chrysanthemum – represents purity and honesty; believed to have healing powers; purifies air and removes toxins from home; promotes well-being; symbolizes a long life

Sage – rids air of negative emotions, including anger and fear; brings positive energy to home; protects home; represents immortality, longevity, and wisdom; used for medicinal purposes

English Ivy – one of the best air-filtering houseplants; promotes serene, stress-free home

Areca Palm – softens the energy of a home; purifies air, removing toxins from air

Honeysuckle – offers protection; brings money into home; can boost psychic powers; sharpens intuition

Lemon – symbolizes purification and friendship; brings brightness and happiness into space

Lavender – elevates mood; calming and relaxing; helps with sleep; helps alleviate headaches

Miniature Roses – attracts love, healing and luck; offers protection; helps with divination of all kinds; Each rose color has its own meaning:

White – purifying and healing, positive energy

White with red details – passion and devotion

Peach – peace, spirituality and friendship

Pink – romantic love, sweetness, fun, play

Fuchsia – lust for life, self-love, deep love and acceptance of physical body

Lavender – spirituality

Red – passionate, deep, true love

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