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Meeting My Galactic Family, the Arcturians – pt. 2

After meeting my Arcturian family, I had several encounters that helped to validate my experience. Seven months after my experience, I met a highly psychic woman on a retreat that I was attending in Bali. She immediately observed me as being galactic when I crossed her path, as she was also galactic. She told me I was a starseed. A couple of days later in the retreat she had a dream about me, but I did not look like this human Lisa. I appeared as a blue being with bright red hair, which reminded me of a cross between Uluru (my Arcturian) and my guide from Io.

There were others that immediately identified me as Arcturian without me saying a word to them. One psychic in Oregon told me directly that I was an Arcturian starseed. My response was “I know.”

I was also at a retreat in Sedona where I was able to meet a fellow Arcturian starseed. Matt Kahn, who was one of the retreat speakers, had crossed her path at the retreat and told her very directly that she was Arcturian. She didn’t know what that meant at the time and she shared with me what he said. I was able to help her understand a little bit of what that meant. She and I were magnetically drawn to each other (the very first night) at an event of 300 attendees, and we remain in contact to this day.

Right after I moved to Hawaii, I met one of my Arcturian sisters, which was verified in a past life regression session with her. I was able to help her identify one of our Arcturian brothers on the island as well. In the last few months of writing this, three independent psychics have shared with me that the Arcturian collective is with me and always there to support me.

In the original session I did with Lee Michael, who helped me answer questions about my Io experience, we were able to speak with the Arcturian collective as well, which was elaborated on in a second session.

The information I received from the Arcturians (via Lee Michael) is that I am needed right now because our world is at a pivotal, transitional point in history. My soul came to be in this time and place to be a part of this. My work is important and appreciated. I must be more within my own energy and show fearlessness like I never have before.

What is happening to us is causing a rippling effect across the universe. I am here to remind people of their own ability to create in the world, and to share the idea that there is interconnected unity. What affects one, affects the whole. We are an interconnected web of consciousness. We are in a lot of ways creating what we are seeing. We’ve lost sight that we are creator beings, and we need to remember our own power around this. We are powerful in our own energy and that creates the experience of how we experience reality.

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