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Quantum Cosmic Energy Healing (SM)

What is Quantum Cosmic Energy Healing (SM)?

Are you feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life? Do you keep repeating toxic relationship patterns? Do you have emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a life you love? Is the flow of abundance feeling like a trickle to you? Do you have physical pain or illness that you are ready to release?


Quantum Cosmic Energy Healing (SM) - QCEH - is a modality developed by Dr. Lisa Thompson, which combines multiple techniques and tools including, but not limited to, regression therapy, sound healing, crystal therapy, oracle card reading, light language, and channeling.


QCEH helps you to:

  • Identify and clear away blockages and stuck emotions that create repeated patterns of emotional trauma and physical illness and disease in the body

  • Realign and balance your energy centers

  • Reset your environment at the quantum level to allow your body to restore itself to its natural regenerative healing state

  • Release the energy of the past to live fully in your present

  • Create a new state of being that aligns you to your desired reality of living


Dr. Lisa channels the energy and wisdom of her vast and varied galactic team to guide each session for optimal healing results. Each session is unique and catered to the needs of the client.


Dr. Lisa is an Advanced Certified Past Life Regression Coach, Human Design Expert, Certified Sound Healer, and Channeler of Arcturian Uluru, Sirian Tanaku, and other cosmic beings from different star systems.


Sessions can be done in person or remotely via Zoom.


Single Session – up to 2 hours - $333


3 Session Package – 90 minutes each - $777


5 Session Package – 90 minutes each - $1,199

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