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Meeting My Galactic Family, the Arcturians – pt. 1

A few years ago, I connected with a different group of galactic entities. I was taking a psychic intuition class, and my teacher, Lisa, led us through a meditative journey to meet the guide that would be our psychic connection for tapping into universal information.

During this journey, I traveled to a different realm where I met a completely different group of beings. There were several of them standing in front of me, with one main entity in front of the group, as the representative of the collective. They had the most beautiful blue skin, with enlarged bald heads, high cheek bones, and large eyes. The energy coming from them was pure love.

The sky was a shimmering iridescent dark blue with a blue moon reflecting into the water next to the beach we were standing on. To my left on the edge of the water was an incredible crystalline pyramid structure with similar smaller structures on either side – a crystalline pyramid palace.

In this journey, we were to ask for a gift. I was handed a quartz crystal. We were then told to ask for a message they would like to share. The entity telepathically communicated that I was one of them. They were one of me. There is no separation. We are family.

We were to ask for a name from this psychic guide, and the name I was given was Uluru. At first I questioned the name, as it was something familiar to me, but I have learned not to question, as it is common to be given a name that resonates with us. Uluru happens to be the native Aboriginal name for the giant red rock in the middle of Australia, renamed to Ayers Rock later on. (I have a very strong connection to Australia and have seen my life a young Aboriginal man on a walkabout.)

At the time I didn’t know all of the different races, as I was only really aware of the alien race I met from Io and the Zetas (grays). When I came out of the meditation, all I could do was describe in detail what I had seen and experienced. There was a student in my class that was very familiar with different aliens and she told me that based on my description of the skin color, the group I met was either the Arcturians or the Avians. When I went home, I did an internet search. As soon as I saw images of the Arcturians, I knew it was them. It was exactly as how they appeared in my vision.

Stay tuned for the next part of the story (part 2). . .

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