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Goddesses: The Power of the Divine Feminine

Over the last few years, I have immersed myself in Goddess energy and magic. I have discovered and cultivated my inner Goddess, my Divine Feminine. As women, we all have the ability to call in Goddess wisdom when we need it. There may be one particular Goddess you resonate with and have as an ally; there may be multiple Goddesses you call on. I’ll share what this looks like in my world.

I was working with a medium several years ago, and she had the strong sense of Goddess energy around me. She determined the energy was Saraswati. When I researched who she was, immediately I knew this was me. My personal Goddess is the Hindu Goddess Saraswati (sometimes spelled Sarasvati).

Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, science and higher learning. She is often depicted wearing a white sari sitting on a white lotus, representing light, knowledge and truth. In her hands, she holds a book representing true knowledge and learning, a mala representing meditation, spirituality and inner reflection, a water pot that represents the power to separate right from wrong, and a musical instrument called a veena which symbolizes all creative arts and sciences.

Saraswati has two birds associated with her. The most common bird is a white swan, symbolizing spiritual perfection and transcendence. The other is a peacock, which represents celebration of dance and colorful splendor. The peacock has the ability to eat snakes, so they also represent the ability to transmute the snake poison of the self into the plumage of enlightenment.

Saraswati’s name is translated as the “One Who Flows.” She is called upon to help manifest thoughts, dreams and passions. She invokes a flow of energy in the dreamer and artist, allowing the creative lifeforce to flow within. She inspires.

For me, Saraswati is the embodiment of who I am in this lifetime. I am a scientist by training with a doctorate degree. I have always been an artist as well. Growing up, I was a dancer and did other artistic endeavors. As an adult, I have been an interior designer for more than 10 years and a jewelry designer for almost 30 years. My passion in this life is to continue learning and growing. I strive to incorporate my spirituality into my daily life through meditation and connection. My daily mantra is “Stay in the flow.”

Since getting to know Saraswati so well in my life, I started exploring the power of the other Goddesses. There are thousands of Goddesses throughout human history from all parts of the world. Some are more famous because of oral and written stories throughout time from particular cultures, such as the rich Greek mythology stories. Each Goddess represents a different aspect of the Divine Feminine. We can call in their power to aide and guide us. We can realize their nature inside of us, which is waiting to be discovered.

I love using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess oracle card deck and more recently Collette Barron-Reid’s Goddess oracle deck. When I work with the cards, if I’m pulling a card of the day, I’ll ask for the Goddess I need guidance from that particular day to come forward. I then draw a card to see who is there. The cards don’t lie.

There are numerous ways to work with the Goddesses, so if you are drawn to them, have fun exploring how to work with them for yourself. Access your Divine Feminine.

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