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Dr. Lisa Thompson

Best-selling Author, Speaker,

Galactic Ambassador & Channeler,

Intuitive Transformational Coach

I support and empower women to intentionally design their best life by living from their yes, so they can embrace self-love, trust their intuition, and gracefully move forward through their fears to take inspired action to live a life they love.

With Human Design Coaching, I help you to get to know your authentic self, live by your Type and Strategy, and make decisions from your Inner Authority, so that you have ease and flow in all areas of your life.

With Past Life Regression Coaching, I help you to reveal and heal blockages and limitations holding you back from achieving all that you desire. I guide you to access hidden talents, skills, and abilities. I connect you with your guides, angels, and loved ones.

As a Galactic Ambassador and Channeler, I help you find your place in the cosmos and to remember who and what you truly are and where you come from. I am an Evolutionary Biologist who understands the embodiment of the ancient DNA within humans and guides you in the intergalactic realm.

Whether you need support in Love, Business, Life, or your Soul Journey, I provide the tools and experience to guide you. Come take my hand, and let's move you forward, step by step. It's time to CHOOSE YOU!


To schedule an appointment, email Lisa@MysticManta.com



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"Lisa has a connection with others that is very rare to find.  She communicates to others with compassion, respect and no judgments.  I thought I couldn't talk to someone I didn't know for the majority of my life about my fears and anxiety, but she held my hand and listened.  I was so thankful for her in that moment.  Lisa has a passion for her work that can't be put out and a heart so pure that can a make a complete stranger feel special.  Her dreams and her work are ever expanding, and ones thing's for certain, she will spread light and joy and nothing can stop her."

Devyn Pedersen, Wisconsin


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