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**This Session was previously recorded on Mar 1 - you will receive a link to download it to your computer**


Over the next few months, we will be diving deep into the energy and wisdom of 12 Galactic groups. Each session will be directly guided by Arcturian Uluru to usher in the highest vibration of each group of focus.

Included in each session:

  • Deep dive into the wisdom and energy each group can be called on for support

  • Crystals to use to amplify the connection

  • Meditation to connect with the energy of the group – open and receive an energy download

  • Channeling from group with light language transmission

  • Opportunity to pre-ask questions to get answers from Uluru or from the group of focus - (*only 1-2 questions will be answered per session, so not everyone will have their question answered during the class)


I encourage you to be curious and open-minded about what each session will bring, including those that you don't immediately resonate with prior to the session.

All sessions will be held and recorded on Zoom. If you cannot make it live, you will be able to download the replays and watch on your own time. You do not need to be present to have the opportunity to have your question answered. Each session will be 1-2 hours long.


Class Schedule for 2023:

Feb 22 - Arcturians

Mar 1 - Sirians

Mar 8 - Pleiadians


Mar 22 - Lyrans

Mar 29 - Mantis

Apr 5 - Andromedans


May 3 - Orions

May 10 - Zetas

May 17 - Vegans


May 31 - Hybrids

Jun 7 - Agarthans

Jun 14 - Reptilians

Jun 21 - Blue Avians* (this is a bonus group only for Bundle Package)


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