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World UFO Day
July 2, 2022

Join me to celebrate the release of my newest oracle deck, Connection to the Cosmos
Only $24
(includes shipping within the US)

Have you ever looked up in the sky and questioned if there is other life out there beyond our Earth? Do you ever feel like your home is somewhere else beyond Earth? Have you been told that you’re a Starseed? Do you feel like you are connected cosmically but want to understand the signs you are receiving? You are not alone.

This oracle deck was created from an inspired download after writing my upcoming book, Connection to the Cosmos: Remembering Your Galactic Heritage and Embracing Your Oneness.

In the booklet that accompanies the cards, I share important information regarding our connection to the Cosmos, and I give techniques and tools that can enhance that connection to make it stronger and more clear. Each of the 44 cards shares a piece of information and has a practice of a technique, tool, or observation for you to complete that day when you pull the card. There is an affirmation for each card as well.


The truth is out there, and even more importantly, the truth is inside of us. It’s time to remember your galactic heritage and embrace your oneness.


Special prizes and giveaways will be announced during our 2 hours together. They include:

  • FREE signed copy of the book Connection to the Cosmos (to be mailed when published later this summer - $18 value)

  • FREE Connection to the Cosmos Oracle Deck (keep it or gift it - $24 value)

  • 2 FREE oracle card readings from Tammy Cantrell, In Spiritual Service ($130 value each)

  • FREE Human Design chart reading from Lisa Thompson ($150 value)

  • FREE Alien inspired jewelry designed by Lisa Thompson ($22-33 value)

  • Card pulls will be done throughout the party

  • Special teachings will be shared

  • and more. . .

(Or email me at asking to be signed up)

You will be emailed a Zoom link the day before the party begins. For those that pre-register here, your name will be entered into a drawing to receive special readings from me and Tammy Cantrell.

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