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Tap into the wisdom within and around you! In this 3-piece meditative journey gift bundle, you’ll learn the magic of color and how it affects you; you’ll be guided through a sacred journey to meet your very own Spirit Animal, and in the third meditation you’ll starting energetically designing your Sacred Soul Space.

Meditation 1: Journey Through the Colors

This meditation takes you through the rainbow of colors and beyond to give you an in dept understanding of how specific colors affect you psychologically and physiologically. You may be surprised at how you respond to certain colors.

Meditation 2: Journey to Discover Your Personal Spirit Animal

This meditation takes you on a journey to meet your very own Spirit Animal. Whether you know your animal ally already or not, this journey will bring you closer to your special guide or totem. You may choose to incorporate your Spirit Animal into your Sacred Space as a reminder of their energy and meaning.

Meditation 3: Journey into Your Sacred Soul Space

This meditation is meant to give you a starting place for designing your Sacred Soul Space. You will discover colors and furnishings that you are initially attracted to. This journey is meant to be done first as a starting exploration, before working through the information in the workbook and online course.

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