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Have an adventure of a lifetime!

Date TBD (Coming 2022)

(Applications being accepted now for the upcoming retreat)

Hindu temple doorway
prayer altar
meditating woman

Join me for a transformative destination retreat like no other! Bali is a magical  location with some of the most beautiful scenery and architecture in the world. It is a highly spiritual place.


This 6-day retreat is designed to awaken the Goddess within you. As part of the process, we will reveal and heal blockages and limitations that keep you from living the life you fully love. Past Life Regression and spiritual meditative journeys will rewire your brain for an amazing future. We will pamper ourselves. We will explore Sacred temples and other exotic locations on the island, understanding and appreciating the spiritual culture and style of Bali. 

lotus flowers
Temple on the water
Saraswati statue

What we'll be doing in Bali:

  • Group coaching/meditation each morning

  • Personal one-on-one coaching throughout the week

  • Massages and pampering

  • Sacred temples and sanctuaries

  • Balinese culture and rituals

  • Monkey Forest

  • Batik making

  • Shopping

  • Fantastic culinary experiences

  • and much more . . .

gourmet food
swimming pool
shopping market in Ubud
statue at Sri Ratih
animal towel art

What's included:

  • 6 nights hotel accommodation at a boutique resort in Ubud, the artistic and spiritual center of Bali

  • Breakfast and lunch, a couple of dinners

  • All retreat excursions, guides, driver

  • Round-trip transportation to and from hotel

  • Coaching and journey experientials

  • Complimentary access to travel agent

Special Gifts for you (valued at $1,060):

  • Lifetime access to the "Sacred Soul Design" Online Course

  • Copy of Sacred Soul Spaces: Designing Your Personal Oasis workbook

  • Lifetime access to the "Sacred Soul Love" Online Course

  • Copy of Sacred Soul Love: Manifesting True Love and Happiness by Revealing and Healing Blockages and Limitations workbook

Limited to 6 Women Maximum

To make sure each woman gets the hands-on, personal coaching experience they desire, I limit this retreat to a maximum of 6 people. This allows for a personal experience in a supportive group environment. You will bond with your fellow Goddesses and build life-long friendships.

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Meet Your SACRED SOUL Mentor

In case we haven't worked together, let me share a little bit about my background.

DSC_0073 copy.jpg

I'm Dr. Lisa Thompson, your Sacred Soul Mentor. I am a scientist, award-winning interior designer, and a Life, Love, and Soul Coach specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy and Human Design. I am the author of the best-selling Sacred Soul Love: Manifesting True Love and Happiness by Revealing and Healing Blockages and Limitations and Sacred Soul Spaces: Designing Your Personal Oasis. I am a contributing author of the international best-sellers Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness and Manifestations: True Stories of Bringing the Imagined into Reality. My writing is featured in Aspire Magazine, and I have been a virtual teacher on platforms including Celebrate Your Life and Quantum Miracles Mastery.


I earned my PhD in Organismal Biology and Anatomy from the University of Chicago and was a professor of Biology specializing in anatomy, physiology and evolution of animals. After leaving academia, I followed my passion for interior design and began my business, Design Smart. In my 11+ years in the industry, I have worked with thousands of clients to design and stage their homes and offices. I have won the Best of South Sound in Interior Design for the last eight years.


In June 2017, I trained with Denise Linn and became a certified Advanced Past Life Regression Coach and started my second company, Mystic Manta Coaching. Additionally, I incorporate the tool of Human Design into my life, love and soul coaching practice. I work with clients to create environments that support them physically, emotionally and spiritually, to release blockages and limitations and to access self-love, worthiness and inner wisdom. Through the Past Life Regression process, I connect clients with their deceased love ones and spiritual messengers and guides.


I am an avid world-traveler, and I love exploring new destinations! My recent trips have included Bali, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Belize and Africa. I have also traveled extensively throughout western Europe.


The work I do helps you to become the best version of yourself possible. I help you to create the life you love in all areas. I help you break out of your box and discover unlimited potentials, as well as listening to and trusting your inner wisdom.

Signs you are meant to be on this trip:

  • Your life is going well, but you want to expand beyond where you are.

  • You are successful in your career and are ready to meet the love of your life.

  • You are ready to heal old wounds that are keeping you from living your best life possible.

  • You are the ultimate "giver" to others, but you do not give to yourself in the same way.

  • You are ready to travel to an exotic location with the safety of a group.

  • You are ready to harness your inner Goddess!

Yes, I'm ready to go to Bali.jpg

One word of WARNING!

I am all about getting RESULTS for my clients! I believe that lasting transformation can be quick AND easy. My job is to guide you through your transformation, which can be scary for some people. If you want to stay safe in your comfort zone of your current life, this retreat is not for you. If you are ready to grow and expand in ways you didn't even know were possible, I am here to show you the way.

Watch out for 2 things that can

keep you trapped in your life

As you're reading about this retreat, part of you may be saying, YES! Sign me up now! I have to go on this trip! And the other part of you may be in fear, saying:

  • I don't have the money.

  • I don't have the time.

When your fear around money comes up, it is usually because you don't trust that the universe will provide for you. From my experience, it is when I have made the leap of faith and signed up for a big trip like this, not knowing how I would make it happen, is when the miracles would appear. Money has ALWAYS come to support my trips and my expansion.

As far as not having the time, we all have busy lives. How often do you make yourself a priority? Because the work we do is intensive in a week long environment, your transformation will be quicker than doing it back home in your "safe" environment. You will have dedicated focus without distraction to work on YOU! And you will have me by your side to guide you, as well as the support of your fellow Goddesses on the retreat. This is your opportunity to show yourself that you are important. You can make the time if you desire.

Yes, I'm ready to go to Bali.jpg

This trip may not be right for you. . .

You may prefer to stay in the comfort of your home and have no desire to travel to an exotic location. 


You may not want to make life transformations so quickly, preferring to take it slow.

You may not want to work with me and the tools I offer.

You may feel like you don't deserve to go on a trip like this because you are not worth the time and money.

If any of these resonate with you, let me ask you to consider:

If there is any part of you that REALLY wants to come on this trip, that is your inner guidance/wisdom speaking to you.

The work we will do in Bali is a threat to your ego and your current way of life.

All of the experiences you will have during the retreat are meant to open your mind and expand your horizon - to get yourself out of your way, so that you CAN achieve your dreams, goals, and desires.

Do you want to find out if this trip is right for you? Let's explore.

Yes, I'm ready to go to Bali.jpg

Are you ready to Transform Your Life?

If you're ready to live your most fabulous life. . .

If you're ready for an exotic adventure of a lifetime in a beautiful, magical location. . .

If you're ready to fully love yourself and know your self-worth. . .

Tuition is $5,555 for the 2022 retreat. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot). The first 3 people to sign up will receive a very special gift!

If want to make payments, that can be arranged. Space is extremely limited.


What you get:

  • 6 nights accommodation at a beautiful boutique resort with on-site swimming pool, restaurant and spa within walking distance to excellent shopping and breath-taking temples and scenery in the spiritual and artistic hub of Ubud

  • All breakfast and lunch meals during retreat, as well as a few dinners

  • Transportation to and from hotel/airport

  • All excursions and retreat activities, including admission to cultural sites, guides and drivers

  • Group coaching, guided meditative journeys, Past Life Regression, bonding and support from retreat participants

  • One-on-one coaching with me throughout the week*

  • Sacred Soul Spaces Workbook and Online Course lifetime access

  • Sacred Soul Love Workbook and Online Course lifetime access

  • Memories you will treasure for the rest of your life

  • And so much more. . .


Airfare and any additional hotel nights and excursions are your responsibility and can be booked through my travel agent for easy planning. The travel agency service does not charge any extra fees beyond the actual expense of airfare, hotel and excursions, so there is no reason not to use her services. 


*Coaching is tailored specifically for each person and can focus on life, love, soul and business.


Apply now:

Yes, I'm ready to go to Bali.jpg

for application

Your Sacred Soul Mentor,


DSC_0410 copy.jpg

We act only in the capacity as an agent for the passengers in all matters connected with lodging accommodations, sight-seeing tours and land transportation in Bali or alternative location, and shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss, theft, accident, health impairment, delay, irregularity or incident resulting from strikes, weather, fuel outages, government regulations or Acts of God. Nor shall we be responsible for any act or omission of any individual or organization providing the transportation, services or accommodations in connection with this journey, nor any delay or expense incurred due to disruption or revision of schedules, not for any cause beyond its control. We are not responsible for any physical, emotional reaction or trauma or ailment, during the tour or occurring after the tour.

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