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Reveal and Heal Blockages with Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression is an effective healing therapy that I use to help clients reveal hidden blockages and limitations and make changes to heal those issues. Whether one believes in past lives or not, the therapy works.

We all have memories and beliefs tucked away in our subconscious minds that act as a background template from which we live our life. These memories and beliefs could be passed down in our genetic memory from our ancestors, from our own past lives, experiences from this life, or even made up stories in our head. The process can work, regardless of how that limiting belief was formed.

To understand better how Past Life Regression therapy helps clients heal their limiting beliefs, I want to take a look at the quantum mechanics behind it. In quantum mechanics, all times exist simultaneously, so there really is no past or future, there is only the now.

In a past life regression, as the mind becomes very relaxed, we are able to access our deeper thoughts and memories. In that state, I take clients back to a time and place inside their subconscious mind where a blockage or limitation occurred for the first time – the root cause of the situation. We can see the situation for what it was in that very relaxed state, and the client can then decide if they want to change the situation altogether or to simply change the meaning of the situation. We can rewrite the story.

When coming out of the regression, the brain begins to rewire itself with new memories and realities over the next few days, weeks and months. The new reality propagates throughout the timelines and the present life and experiences are changed. The blockage or limitation can be removed, thus healing it.

One example of a client I had was a woman that had a strong distrust of men in this life. When we regressed her to the root cause of this issue, she was in a life where she was raped. She chose to change the scenario completely so that she did not experience the rape in that life. It was diverted. As she came out of the regression, her distrust in men was gone. It is now two years later, and it is still gone. It’s healed.

This process can also be used to call forth specific talents and skills that lie deep inside a person. Another client wanted to bring forth her public speaking ability. We took her to the memory of a life where she was a confident public speaker. She brought that confidence back with her to this time and place as she came out of the regression.

What blockage or limitation do you have that you would like to be healed? Or, what talent or skill would you like to access in this life that may be hidden deep inside you?

Contact Lisa for more information on Past Life Regression therapy or to schedule a session.

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