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Messages from the number 555

Have you ever had certain numbers appear before you multiple times that you couldn’t ignore? Maybe it’s a specific time on the clock such as 1:11 or 11:11. Perhaps it’s in random places like at the gas station, on receipt, or on a license plate. My experience is that when I see the same numbers at least three times in a short amount of time, there is a message from the Universe that I should pay attention to.

I just returned from a trip to Africa, which was an amazing experience. During the trip, the numbers 555 appeared at least four times in close proximity to each other. I took note as I knew from past experience, that particular combination of numbers was important information coming to me.

Almost three years ago, near the end of my Past Life Regression training with Denise Linn in California, three mornings in a row I woke up at the exact same time - 5:55am. A few days before I had discovered the meaning of spiders when they kept showing up, so I was already aware of signs the Universe was sending me.

On the third morning of waking up at the exact same time, I knew there was a message I needed to figure out. In my research, I discovered that the number 555 is an angel message. Five on its own is significant, however a triple 5 is even more significant.

The message I received in California was that divinely guided changes were unfolding. The changes were positive, and I was releasing past old fears and whatever was not serving me. Lighter, more positive, fulfilling and uplifting patterns and possibilities were filling my experience. My life choices were not about fitting in. I was open, adaptable and willing to learn lessons as I journey through life. I was aligning more fully with my highest soul path with freedom and authentic vibration. Receiving these messages as I started a new spiritual journey confirmed for me that I was moving in the direction that my soul was yearning for.

Once again I am at a precipice in my life where I am making choices that will greatly alter my path. The numbers 555 in Africa were confirming for me that I am once again moving in the right direction. I look forward to seeing how this new path unfolds in the upcoming days, months and years.

I continue to pay attention to the numbers and signs around me. . . What numbers do you keep seeing, and what is their message for you? You may be surprised by what you discover.

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