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Manifesting in the New Year: 4 Strategies to Create Space for Abundance

It’s a new year and a new decade - time to leave behind limiting beliefs and patterns and usher in a new era of ever flowing abundance. For abundance to flow into your life, your physical environment needs to be in alignment with your dreams and desires.

Buckminster Fuller once said, “Environment is stronger than willpower.” When it comes to your physical environment, the amount of clutter in the space, the colors you surround yourself with, the way you position your furniture, and the imagery in your art and décor, affect you psychologically and physiologically at the subconscious level. I share four strategies to help you create physical environments of abundance in your life including wealth and prosperity, health, joy and happiness, and love.

Clear Clutter

Clutter creates chaos in the mind. It’s like background noise that distracts you from your desired intentions. When we are surrounded by clutter, whether it’s furniture, art and décor, paperwork, or anything else that overpowers a space, it stifles the abundance in our lives. The universal energy becomes stagnant, blocking new possibilities from flowing in.

To get the energy and abundance flowing in, clutter clear the room or space that you spend the majority of your time in. This could be your office, bedroom, or living room. Once you have cleared one room, move onto the next room that you spend a good deal of time in, and then continue until all of your spaces are cleared. This one simple act of removing clutter will help you to feel more open and expansive. It helps to remove blockages and limitations.

Choose Colors for Abundance

Every color has a different frequency of vibration, eliciting emotions and reactions. It is important to surround yourself with specific colors that support your abundant environment. Your specific desire of abundance will determine what colors to incorporate into your space.

To enhance an environment of wealth and prosperity, include green and purple. For rest, relaxation, and health, use green, teal, and blue. For more joy and happiness, add in the uplifting colors of orange and yellow. If you want more love, passion, and romance, incorporate red, pink, and teal into your space. Make sure that your colors are balanced and that you understand the full effects of each one you are using. For instance, too much red and yellow can cause agitation. Too much purple can lead to depression.

Space Plan for the Power Position

When you are arranging the furniture in your room, you want to keep your main piece of furniture in the power position when possible. This means that when you are sitting at your desk in your office, sitting in your living room, or sleeping in your bed, you are able to see the main entry door from your position. You can see who and what is coming into the room. Energetically, you can feel the abundance flowing in. Do not block the entry doorway with furniture pieces.

Incorporate Abundant Imagery in Art and Décor

Choose artwork and décor pieces that remind you of the abundance you are manifesting in your life. Each person has a unique idea about what represents the type of abundance they wish to manifest, so there is no one size fits all. Imagery can include specific locations, animals, lifestyle, nature, words of affirmation, vision boards, and altars. The most important aspect of the imagery is that it inspires you or reminds you of your dream. Place prominent imagery in specific locations where you will see it regularly. This triggers the subconscious mind to think about abundance without you having to take your conscious mind off of your task at hand.

Consciously creating your physical spaces in your home and office helps to support and nurture you in the manifestation of your dreams and desires. I wish you ever flowing abundance in the new year ahead.

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