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Importance of Designing a Multi-Sensory Environment

When we think about our environment, it is everything seen and unseen around us. It’s the sounds, how it looks, the smells, the people within the space, the thoughts running through our mind – all of these contribute to our overall environment and can have profound effects on us whether we are aware of it or not.

A Sacred Soul Space is a personal sanctuary where you are able to immerse yourself into a multi-sensory environment that supports and strengthens your dreams, goals and desires. It is important to incorporate more than just the physical dimension, so that the environment of the room looks, smells, sounds and feels good.

There are four major aspects of designing an intentional space: psychological, physiological, aesthetic, and energetic, which break down as follows:

Psychological – wiring of our mind, experiences we have, thoughts we have

Physiological – our bodies’ reactions to our environment and physical expression of emotions

Aesthetic – how a place physically looks; do we like the look of it or not

Energetic – how the space feels to us

For instance, each color has a unique frequency that we respond to psychologically and physiologically at the subconscious level. There are general feelings and emotions that colors can produce, but we also respond individually to each color based on our frequency resonance. It’s important to experience for ourselves how we respond to colors because although we may like particular colors, they may not be the best ones to include in our Sacred Soul Space.

Similar to color, different scents and smells can trigger unique emotions and feelings within us, as well as memories within our brains. Smells can affect our physiology. Choosing essential oils, fragrant plants, and fragrant candles specifically based on their own unique properties will enhance how we respond to our environment.

The amount of furniture, artwork, décor and clutter can affect how a space energetically feels. Clutter creates chaos on the mind, so if there is too much stuff in a room, it won’t feel good to us. Also the way we place our furniture, artwork and décor changes the energy flow and feel of a space. From the entry doorway of room, you don’t want a piece of furniture immediately blocking the walkway, stifling or blocking the energy from flowing.

When designing a Sacred Soul Space, it is important to make sure all of the pieces flow together and are placed with purpose. This will create a cohesive look that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I work with clients to determine the overall intent they have for their space, and with that specific intent, we can then layer all of the design elements to enhance what they are hoping to create in their lives, making sure that the elements don’t conflict with each other.

To learn more about opportunities for Sacred Soul Space Design, contact me.

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