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Heal Yourself by Understanding Your Past Lives

Have you ever wondered where some of your belief systems came from? Perhaps you have fears and phobias that are unexplainable from this lifetime. Do you have an affinity for particular cultures, food, and clothing and architectural style that you were not immersed in as a child?

We all have memories and beliefs tucked away in our subconscious minds that act as a background template from which we live our life. These memories and beliefs could be passed down in our genetic memory from our ancestors. Scientists have observed that epigenetic memories are passed down 14 generations, meaning that the emotions are carried in the DNA. They can come from our own past lives or experiences from this life. They can even be made up stories in our head.

Gaining access to your subconscious mind allows you to reveal hidden beliefs. In order to heal and empower your present life, it’s helpful to first know who and what you’ve been in previous incarnations. Past life exploration through regression is a highly effective method for traveling deep into the inner recesses of your mind to the place where memories of all of your prior existences are stored.

What is past life regression?

Past Life Regression is a healing therapy that reveals hidden blockages and limitations, so that changes can be made to heal those issues at the subconscious level. Whether one believes in past lives or not, the therapy works.

To understand better how Past Life Regression therapy helps clients heal their limiting beliefs, I want to take a look at the quantum mechanics behind it. In quantum mechanics, all times exist simultaneously, so there really is no past or future, there is only the now. There is new evidence to suggest that there are multi-universes, which can equate to simultaneous timelines. What was once only theory is now being proven plausible. Think about timelines stacked on top of each other, like stacks of papers. Each timeline is real, but you are only conscious of the one you are experiencing at the moment. We all have the ability to shift our consciousness to a different timeline, which will create a different reality. In the quantum world, we as the observer create our reality.

The primary aim of Past Life Regression is to clear away inner debris, so that people can discover their own inner wisdom. Each individual already has all the answers they need in life. Past life regression helps a client to discover their own knowledge regarding their present and their future. It helps them to discover their authentic self and begin to understand the true meaning of their life.

Our subconscious beliefs rule over our lives (80% of our thoughts), so when you discover your beliefs, you can enhance, delete or change those beliefs to create a better reality in this life. You can adopt new beliefs in the past life process, as you are working with the subconscious mind.

During a past life regression, when you are relaxed enough to tap into the subconscious mind, you will be able to experience your inner beliefs in different ways. A lot of people are able to see visions of different timelines they are living, either experiencing it like watching a movie happen or even physically being in the body. For those less visual, they may experience the feelings or hear what is going on.

When you encounter a situation that you don’t like, you first observe it. Then you can make a decision about whether or not you want to change the situation all together or change the meaning you gave to the situation. Everything is a choice at that quantum level.

So let’s say that you decide to change the situation, you have the ability to go backwards in time to make a different choice that will lead to a different outcome. Nothing is fixed - everything is mutable. When you come out of the regression, your brain starts to rewire with the new memories you created, and things shift in your life over the next days, weeks and months ahead. Essentially you’ve jumped to a new timeline.

In a regression, you can also move forward in time to see the future of this particular life. What you are seeing is the current projection of what would occur if you keep doing the same things with the same beliefs. If you don’t like what you see, you have information now that you can make changes to have a different outcome.

Regression can be used to call forth talents, skills and abilities that you want to access as well. With the same kind of process, in the regression, you go to a life where you fully express that ability, and you can bring that back with you to this time and place.

Past Life Regression can also be used to heal aspects of the ancestral bloodline. I have personal experience with this when I did an ancestral clearing with my cousin to heal our family heart issues. The root ancestor was a Viking ancestor and it was all about not having self-love. When you heal yourself or other ancestors in your timeline, you can heal the entire lineage forwards and backwards.

Past Life Regression helps you with the following areas:

· Release and heal blockages and limitations

· Achieve goals and dreams

· View and create your future life

· Access talents, abilities and qualities

· Determine pre-life contracts

· Find out who friends and family were in past lives (heal the relationship if needed)

· Clear the ancestral bloodline

· Hear messages from your spirit guides and messengers

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