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Curiosity Leads to Experience – My First Galactic Race – pt. 1

When I was 15, I had my first conscious experience of meeting a different alien race. In this unforgettable experience, I was taken in a spacecraft with one pilot that I remember. He appeared as a youngish human with dark hair. The ship walls appeared to be transparent, so as we were flying through space, it looked like we were flying in a bubble. I could clearly see the beautiful colors of the different gas layers as we headed to our destination, Jupiter’s moons, Io. I was in awe of the beauty, and I felt completely safe and at ease in this ship with my guide.

Io, which is one of the four largest moons of Jupiter, is actually extremely volatile with the largest volcanic activity in our solar system. It’s an unlikely place to have life, so those that live there must live inside of the moon. That’s where we went – inside.

Once we arrived in the interior, I was being shown around what looked like a hospital. There were a few other humans that I could see on hospital beds in individual rooms wearing gowns. The hospital staff all appeared as humans. On this trip, I was simply being taken on a tour of the hospital, rather than being examined myself.

I asked my guide why we all had been brought there. He told me that we were the chosen ones and were being tested to see if we could tolerate living there with them if something ever happened to the Earth. (It was the late 1980’s when this experience happened and there was a lot of volatility on the Earth at that time).

I questioned my guide about their race – were they human or something else? He told me they were humanoid, but not human. They were able to camouflage themselves as humans, so as not scare those that were visitors there, including me. He didn’t specifically tell me where they were from, and I didn’t think to ask.

I asked him to show me what they really looked like, as I was highly curious and not afraid. When he transformed into his true form, he was somewhere between 7-8 feet tall with pure white skin, dark eyes, and very red hair. He had triad shaped tattoos on his cheeks. He was wearing a silvery white uniform with a geometric shape on the front chest. I wasn’t scared at all, just intrigued. I felt a strong connection to him, like I knew him somehow. After that I remember waking up in my bed thinking what a really weird dream I had had.

Stay tuned for the next part of the story (part 2). . .

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