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Clearing Clutter For New Opportunities

Part of creating a Sacred Soul Space is clutter clearing. Not only does it make a space look better aesthetically, it helps you emotionally and spiritually as well.

I have been doing a massive clutter clearing over the last 2 weeks in my home staging business. I found out the day before I was going to Africa that I had to move out of my warehouse space I have been in for 6 1/2 years. I have now been home for 3 weeks and in that time have procured a new location and moved. My sale has been going on this past two weekends.

The challenge was that the only space I could find to move was half the size of my current space. It created some panic and anxiety, but I pushed through it and went through every piece of inventory in my old warehouse to determine if I keep it, sell it, or trash it.

As I started creating the sell and trash pile, I started feeling lighter energetically. I had more energy and inspiration flowing in. I was able to get through it (I have roughly 70 homes worth of inventory, of which about 50 were parked in the warehouse) in an amazingly short amount of time. I’ve been able to move over the keep pile to the new space and get it organized. Although I had to release some pieces I really liked, they just didn’t fit in the new space.

The clearing is moving energy in me, my employees, and my business. My designer that works with me has more inspiration as well.

I think all of us get used to our surroundings and don’t realize how they affect us.

What are your experiences with clutter clearing? I would love to know.

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