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4 Ways to Hear and Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Learning to hear and trust your inner wisdom is paramount to your overall happiness in your life. Often times, society and conditioning make us think we have to behave and perform a certain way. However, if we are true to ourselves and our inner knowingness, we can live a much easier life in the flow of the universe.

When you listen to your own knowingness, you will be able to determine what people and situations are right for you or not. You will make empowering decisions. You will be in control of your life. Ultimately, you will gain self-power. The more you know and understand yourself, the more confident you will be in all areas of your life. I share four techniques to access your inner wisdom.


Pendulums work under the assumption that we can access answers from our own inner wisdom and the universe. They indicate answers by moving backwards and forwards, side to side or in a circular motion. There are two ways I personally use the pendulum method to get an answer to a question: external pendulum (weighted hanging object) and human pendulum (your own body). If you have not done pendulum work, it may take time for you to be able to relax your mind enough for it to work. Don’t give up if you don’t get an answer the first time. Keep practicing. Over time, it will become more natural to you.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing, scientifically known as applied kinesiology, is another method used to answer yes/no questions. The premise is the body is a computer and will give you information you need by asking specific questions. There are numerous ways to do muscle testing, so choose one that works best for you. You can learn how to test yourself, or you may have another person test you for the answers.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards, including tarot cards, can be used to ask questions for guidance on specific issues. One thing to note about card readings is the answers given are not set in stone. They are a reflection of what the likely path will lead to based on where you are in your life at a particular moment in time. You have free will to change your direction if you don’t like the answers you get. I have learned over time in working with different card decks that the cards never lie. There is always a reason why you pick a particular card. Even if you don’t understand the meaning in the moment, if you contemplate or meditate on it, the information will become clearer to you.

Meditation and Dreaming

If you have questions you want answered, you can get answers during meditations and through dreams if you allow your mind to relax and get ego out of the way. This may take practice to learn to hear or see the answers come to you. The answer may be loud and clear, or it may flutter into your mind and pass quickly. Trust your knowingness.

In your dreams, you may receive symbols that you will want to decipher when you are awake. With dreams, I recommend keeping a journal next to your bed so you can write the dream down immediately upon waking. You will lose the memory of the details of the dream and its important aspects within 10 minutes of waking up, so you want to get any thoughts down as soon as possible. To activate your dreams, make an intention before you go to sleep that your dreams will provide answers and you will remember them upon waking.

Once you have practiced with these techniques, use the one that works best for you and your questions. Learn to trust that you have the answers inside of you.

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