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"Lisa has a connection with others that is very rare to find.  She communicates to others with compassion, respect and no judgments.  I thought I couldn't talk to someone I didn't know for the majority of my life about my fears and anxiety, but she held my hand and listened.  I was so thankful for her in that moment.  Lisa has a passion for her work that can't be put out and a heart so pure that can a make a complete stranger feel special.  Her dreams and her work are ever expanding, and ones thing's for certain, she will spread light and joy and nothing can stop her."

Devyn Pedersen, daycare worker


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"Lisa was open, generous and skillful from the beginning interview to the final conclusion.  Her compassion was evident at every step making me totally safe and allowing me to be completely open and vulnerable.  She guided me through each transition easily and smoothly.  I was able to achieve everything I wanted - much more and clearly than I had hoped for.  I was able to connect this regression with my current life.   Thank you Lisa."

Theresa Jones, teacher and business owner


"Lisa is a wonderful Past Life Coach.  With her guidance, I found myself on a Past Life journey that revealed the root cause for an issue that has caused pain and anxiety for me my whole life.  She was able to help me realize that the circumstances could be "rewritten" to yield a positive outcome.  As a result, the feelings that have been carried forward in my timeline are positive feelings rather than panic and anxiety.

Carol C., Engineer


"Lisa is an incredible Past Life Coach.  Her soft, gentle and intuitive approach creates safe space allowing for profound insights, "aha" moments and healing.  If you are considering a Past Life Coach, she is phenomenal."

Louise Wilson, Founder and Owner, Willow Retreat

Denny Island, BC Canada

"I recently took one of Lisa’s classes and it was an informative and soulful experience. I would highly recommend it! I will be taking another class for sure! Thank you Lisa, you are a gem!"

Tanya Mote


"Lisa's book and online course is truly amazing. It has led to me and my business partner having a well-designed space for working in that is functional and clean. Our environment keeps our spiritual and creative juices flowing and has also increased comfort and productivity. Her online course is perfect for anyone dealing with overwhelm from a busy lifestyle."

Cody Slosson


"One of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of my life. During a one on one session I was able to feel and talk to all my loved ones that I had lost. The messages from my grandmother and father in law were life changing and I was left with an overwhelming feeling of love. The freedom and peace I now feel will be carried with me the rest of my life and I know a connection with them is never far away. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this immeasurable gift you have given me!"

Whitney Kershner


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