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Do you know you have a team of higher dimensional galactic races who are here to support you and share their wisdom with you? Are you ready to shift your perspective to understand your life and experiences from a higher perspective? You are invited to take a journey to discover who you really are.


Dr. Lisa Thompson, with the assistance of Arcturian Uluru, introduces you to the energy and wisdom of 13 galactic races through channeled journeys she led in early 2023. Each galactic race chapter contains a description of the group, a channeled journey of wisdom, stones/crystals to use for enhanced connection, and journal prompts. The galactic races featured include:


  • Agarthans
  • Andromedans
  • Arcturians
  • Blue Avians
  • Hybrids
  • Lyrans
  • Mantis
  • Orions
  • Pleiadians
  • Reptilians
  • Sirians
  • Vegans
  • Zetas


As you understand what each group offers and you integrate their wisdom into your life, you will appreciate what it looks and feels like to transition from a third-dimensional to a fifth-dimensional reality. It will open you up to knowing you are so much more than just this one Earth-based human life. You are a multi-dimensional being. It will help you move through any fears or doubts you have regarding your connection to your greater galactic family. It will elevate your life beyond what you may imagine.


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Wisdom of the Galactics - Book

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