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We are often bombarded in our busy, chaotic lives; we are wrapped up in technology, which pulls us away from who we truly are. We clutter our homes and offices, which then clutters our mind. Designing a Sacred Soul Space in your home or office will give you a place to escape, a peaceful oasis, to re-center yourself and remember who you truly are and what you can create. In this manual, you will gain a clear vision of how to design your own personal oasis by: experiencing how different colors affect you personally as you are guided on a journey through the colors; identifying the intention of your Sacred Soul Space; learning concepts of feng shui and space planning in different room types; clearing clutter and negative energy; incorporating altars, essential oils, meaningful imagery and healing, energetic plants. Your personalized Sacred Soul Space will strengthen your ability to manifest your dreams and re-align yourself with the Universe as you immerse yourself in a consciously created environment.

Sacred Soul Spaces Workbook

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* Manifestation Bundle *

In this transformational 3-piece set, you'll learn intentional strategies to create trans-formation in your body, mind, and spirit. Each sacred guide (Abundance, Self-Love, Inner Peace) includes a cheat sheet that shares the crystals, essential oils, plants, and colors to enhance that area of your life, along with a powerful affirmation.

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