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Your Natural State of Being: Understanding Your Human Design Type

In Human Design, one of the most important factors in your chart that helps explain how you operate in this life is what is known as your “Type.” There are five different types, which I will describe below. Understanding your type can help you come to terms with your natural state of being. You’ll be able to appreciate the similarities and differences with your friends, family members, and co-workers and understand them in a much deeper way. Your type is your authentic self – your natural state of being. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, with the different types. All are beautiful in their own way.

Manifestor – “Making it Happen”

Manifestors are rare in the world population, only accounting for about 8%. They have the ability to go after their dreams and goals, making them happen. Their true nature is to actively accomplish goals. Getting things done tends to be quick and relatively effortless, without needing others to succeed. There is a constant need for action and freedom. They are doers and should not be stopped. They tend to make their move without notifying anyone as to what they are up to.

Generator – “Endless Life Force”

Generators, 37% of the population, are like the Energizer Bunny. They have a great amount of energy and can seem to go forever. They don’t make things happen easily, but rather require some effort to reach their full potential. They are designed to wait for an opportunity and then respond before they move in a particular direction, trusting their gut reaction. They are magnets that attract people and opportunities, rather initiators. Their success lies in listening to their gut response rather than overthinking, engaging with people and activities that resonate. If they find themselves going in a wrong direction, they have to complete the experience due to their momentum, even if it seems inappropriate.

Manifesting Generator – “Moment of Truth”

Manifesting Generators, 33% of the population, are a combination of a Manifestor and a Generator. They have the same waiting period for the gut response as the Generator, but then are able to initiate to make things happen when they get the gut go-ahead like the Manifestor. The subtle difference is that they can change their minds in mid action, rather than needing to complete the task as a traditional Generator would do. They tend to be restless and ready to engage at a moment’s notice. They must wait for the green light before taking action.

Projector – “Recognition and Inclusion”

Projectors, 21% of the population, are waiting to be invited and included and for their talents and abilities to be recognized. Once they have the invitation or appreciation, they are able to shine. They are often observers, waiting to be asked for their involvement rather than being self-driven. They are natural managers and leaders, overseeing everything and steering the people and energy around them. They tap into, ride, and guide the energy of others. They don’t have their own natural energy source and need to take regular breaks.

Reflector – “Clear Vision”

Reflectors are the rarest of the population at only 1%. All nine centers are undefined in a chart, so they receive everyone else’s energy and reflect back to others who they are. They take on the thoughts and emotions of everyone around them, giving them great empathy. Reflectors are like mirrors where people see themselves in the Reflector. They are sensitive and vulnerable, so they need to be careful about the awareness of what is theirs versus what is someone else’s. They have objectivity, allowing them to share their wisdom of others’ situations. They need more alone time than most for their own inner reflection and peace.

Now that you understand the different types, I encourage you to discover what type you are. To obtain your FREE Human Design chart, enter your birth information into the website below. Your chart will tell you what your Type is.

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