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Life/Love/Soul Coaching & Past Life Regression Therapy


Who am I as your Life, Love and Soul Coach?

I did not choose an easy life this time around.  My parents divorced when I was two years old, and I had a lot of abandonment issues growing up and into adulthood.  That resulted in many failed relationships, two divorces and A LOT of self work to get myself whole and joyful.  I have been through the wringer, and I have come out even stronger than most could imagine.  My coaches and mentors helped me to discover my authentic self, leading me to have a truly loving relationship with myself like I could never imagine.  That created a space where I could have a beautiful, loving, fulfilling relationship with my life partner.  

I have also had three successful careers, and I continue to learn new things and grow, leading me to new frontiers in my life. Most people around me have not understood my career evolution, but it has not been about them - it is about me.  I have loved many parts of each of my careers, and they have provided me with skills and tools that have made me even more successful in life.

As your life and love coach, I help you achieve living a life that you love beyond your wildest dreams.  My job is to be a conduit for you to recognize and nurture your inner beauty, love and talents, so that you can actively create a life that you would have previously envied. I use the modality of Human Design to coach you from who you are designed to be in this life. 

What is Human Design? Human Design is a modality founded by Ra Uru Hu that combines the ideologies of Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, The Kabbalah Tree of Life, the I Ching, Genetics, and Quantum Mechanics.


In Human Design, each person has a specific blueprint for this particular life. This includes the way each of us naturally gets an answer to a question, so it is the correct answer for us. Often, we let the mind and logic make our decisions, but when we override our natural response system to listen to the mind, we often make decisions that turn out to be “wrong” for us. In reality, there really is no right or wrong. Some decisions take us down a path that may take longer to learn the lessons, and hopefully we will gain the wisdom from those tough decisions.

Life, Love & Soul Coaching helps you with the following areas:

  • Find or develop your life partner

  • Achieve goals and dreams

  • Create your future

  • Access talents, abilities and qualities to optimize your career

  • Deepen your spiritual connection and practice

What do you want to have in your life that is currently missing?

For information on how we can work together, please contact me directly, so we can decide if I am the right coach for you. 

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"I recently experienced my first past life regression with Lisa - INCREDIBLE. I had attended her Past Life Detective Workshop which is a great introduction to exploring your past lives with a small meditative exploration at the end. A one-on-one regression is much more intimate, personal, deep, satisfying, and fulfilling. Lisa is patient and knows what you need and when you need it. She guided me step-by-step and I felt comfortable and safe the entire time. You're in control of what you want to accomplish and where you go and Lisa is there to guide you the entire time. I have also worked with her for life coaching, and she is incredibly intuitive. I always leave our sessions in a better place."

Victoria Z., Olympia, WA

Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

The primary aim of Past Life Regression is to clear away inner debris, so that people can discover their own inner wisdom.  Each individual already has all the answers they need in life.  Past life regression helps a client to discover their own knowledge regarding their present and their future.  It helps them to discover their authentic self and begin to understand the true meaning of their life. 

As your past life coach, I help you GET RESULTS in your life.  My job is to create a safe space, with no judgment, so that you feel relaxed enough to tap into your soul's messages and journeys.  Our subconscious beliefs rule over our lives, so when you discover your beliefs, you can enhance, delete or change those beliefs to create a better reality in this life.  You can adopt new beliefs in the past life process, as the source of the subconscious is usually in the past.  I act as a stepping stone for you to get the results you desire.  Our relationship as coach and client is based on trust, communication and soul connection. 

Past life Regression is not therapy or life coaching.  It helps you to change the past and create the future.

Past Life Regression helps you with the following areas:

  • Release and heal blockages and limitations

  • Achieve goals and dreams

  • View and create your future life

  • Access talents, abilities and qualities

  • Determine pre-life contracts

  • Find out who friends and family were in past lives (heal the relationship if needed)

  • Clear the ancestral bloodline

  • Hear messages from your spirit guides and messengers

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