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Week 1: Nov. 23-29

Inner Wisdom Package

Limited Time SALE!  Just $44.00 inc. shipping*

Hello, my friend! It's the Holiday Season. I am having a limited time sale on my Inner Wisdom Package.


Do you yearn for a deeper connection to your Inner Wisdom? Do you want to make decisions based on your sacred truth and not the chatter of your mind? We all have the answers to life’s questions inside of us whether we realize it or not!

Get 3 Sacred Tools to support you

in accessing the answers


Package includes:

  • One Oracle Card Deck of your choice
    *Shipping costs included within U.S.

  • A hand-crafted pendulum from my collection*
    *Shipping costs included within U.S.

  • A digital personalized Human Design Chart with a detailed description of your Inner Authority**

       **Chart and description sent to your email

(FREE shipping within the US. For international orders, shipping costs are

an additional charge and will be calculated in your shopping cart upon checkout.)

When checking out, please indicate which Oracle Deck you would like (subject to availability).

Include your birth day, time and place of birth, so that your Human Design Chart can be generated.

Makes a GREAT Holiday Gift!

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