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Design Service


Sacred Soul Space Design is a special service for those that want help creating a beautiful, relaxing, inspiring, balanced space, whether it is for one room or the entire home.  I bring my knowledge of Science, Interior Design, Color Theory, Space Planning and Feng Shui and combine it with my spiritual intuition to design for the optimal outcome.  My years of study and training in a wide range of spiritual practices has helped me to hone in my intuition about what a space needs to be in harmony and unity with the person for whom it is designed.  Each space has its own distinctive feeling and beauty, as each individual person is unique in their own rights. Each sacred space will be a sanctuary for those that inhabit it.


Sacred Design Can Include:


Intention of Soul Space
Science of Color
Feng Shui/Space Planning
Clutter Clearing
Energy Clearing

Positioning of Artwork and Accessories
Balance of Furnishings
Essential Oils
Spirit Animals
Healing and Energetic Plants
and more. . .


Sacred Soul Space Design rate:
$300/hr - (minimum one hour commitment)


Each project is unique, so the amount of time needed will vary. Remote appointments are available via Zoom and Facetime.

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