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Thank you for registering to watch the FREE Design With Intention: 5 Strategies to Enhance Your Sacred Soul Space MASTERCLASS.

1 – Clear Your Space

2 – Choose Colors for Intention

3 – Space Plan for Good Energy Flow

4 – Accessorize with Meaningful Imagery

5 – Incorporate Spiritual and Energetic Elements

Module 1: Overview

A personalized Sacred Soul Space strengthens your ability to manifest your dreams and re-align yourself with the Universe, as you are immersed in your consciously created environment. In this masterclass, you will learn five proven strategies to enhance the design of your Sacred Soul Space.

Module 2: Clear Your Space

Clutter clearing and smudging your physical space have huge impacts on how a room looks and feels. Learn why and how to do so.

Module 3: Choose Colors for Intention

Each color is unique in its meaning and feeling. Understand how to choose colors that specifically carry the frequency of the energy you want to create in your space.

Module 4: Space Plan for Good Energy Flow

For a room to feel good, energy needs to be balanced and move easily through the space. Learn concepts of feng shui and space planning for different room types.

Module 5: Accessorize With Meaningful Imagery

Meaningful imagery helps enhance the overall intention of your space. Choose specific wall art and décor pieces, and learn how and where to place them within the room.

Module 6: Incorporate Spiritual and Energetic Elements

Incorporate spiritual and energetic elements, such as crystals, essential oils, plants, vision boards, and spiritual altars to strengthen your space even further.

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