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2023 Cosmic Message & Theme of the Year


Reading will be completed by December 31, 2022 or sooner

I will channel a personalized cosmic message from Arcturian Uluru who will tune into what message and theme you need to know most for navigating 2023. Along with the message, you will receive the galactic group who you can call on to help guide you throughout the year. Each galactic group has a different focus and energy for you to tap into. You are always divinely supported by your galactic guides. You are not alone.


In this reading, you will understand the energy of your group, what crystal to use to connect easier, and a word that summarizes your theme. Your cosmic reading will come to your email as a PDF.

ONLY $77 for Reading



*For an additional fee of $22 (includes shipping within the US), you will receive a 1.5-2 inch crystal alien head that corresponds with your specific galactic group of the year. This will give you a daily reminder that your galactic guides are always there to support you.


(examples of crystal alien heads:

your specific crystal will be chosen based on the galactic guides that are chosen for you)

**For international customers, additional shipping will be required if

you choose to purchase the crystal alien head.

Please email me at for shipping costs.

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