Unicorn Bracelet

purple matte agate – promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity, healing crystal of the crown chakra, dreams, intuition, and luxury

rose quartz – healing crystal that enhances self-love, nurturing, beloved purity of self and others, unconditional love

sea green opalstrengthen relationships, open psychically

clear quartzmagnifies intention for highest good, general healing

unicornmagic, inner power, unconditional love, innocence, mysticism, health, purity, hope, joy, harmony, sovereignty, instinct, imagination, creativity, psychic, virtue


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Soul Animal - Unicorn bracelet


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    * Manifestation Bundle *

    In this transformational 3-piece set, you'll learn intentional strategies to create trans-formation in your body, mind, and spirit. Each sacred guide (Abundance, Self-Love, Inner Peace) includes a cheat sheet that shares the crystals, essential oils, plants, and colors to enhance that area of your life, along with a powerful affirmation.

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