Frog Bracelet

aventurine – a mystical stone of prosperity, creativity, imagination, calm and happiness; heals heart pain and accelerates the balancing of yin and yang energy within you, helps with abundance and prosperity

jade – cultivates growth toward profound self-realization, brings healing, serenity and tranquility, balances and heals, brings compassion, wealth and wisdom, assists with past-life recall and ancient wisdom

prehnite – eases worries, aids spirit communication, inner knowing

frog – abundance, prosperity, fertility, transition, communication, transformation, purification, detoxification, cleansing, adaptability, luck, opportunity


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Soul Animal - Frog bracelet


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    * Manifestation Bundle *

    In this transformational 3-piece set, you'll learn intentional strategies to create trans-formation in your body, mind, and spirit. Each sacred guide (Abundance, Self-Love, Inner Peace) includes a cheat sheet that shares the crystals, essential oils, plants, and colors to enhance that area of your life, along with a powerful affirmation.

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