*With the Design Your Best Life course, you will also receive one Oracle Deck with booklet and one hand-crafted pendulum (intuitively selected by me).


We often get stuck in a rut in life, living on auto-pilot. Years go by and nothing seems to change. Our mind overrides our intuition, our inner wisdom.


What if you could consciously design your best life by learning to live from your Yes? All things are possible - new career, new relationships, new health, new adventures - whatever it is that you may want to change in your current life.


I was there myself - stuck in careers that had run their course, toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, and living my life from "should" rather than following my soul's desire. I learned how to access my inner wisdom and live from a true place of yes. I healed blockages and limitations that were unknowingly holding me back. I discovered self-love and learned to create boundaries. I consciously designed a life I love, meeting and marrying the love of my life, building a business that my soul led me to, living in paradise, and having new adventures and experiences that fill me up.


If I can do it, so can you. Let me guide you through the tools, modalities and strategies that I implement to live from my YES.


In this powerful 6 week course, I guide you through the tools, modalities and strategies that I implement to live from my YES. If I can do it, so can you!


Class begins on Thursday, Apr 1 at 4pm PST


Class Schedule:

Thursday, Apr 1, 4pm PST – Human Design Type and Inner Authority

Thursday, Apr 8, 4pm PST – Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Wednesday, Apr 14, 4pm PST – Self-love, Self-Care, Boundaries*

Thursday, Apr 22, 4pm PST – Blockages and Limitations

Thursday, Apr 29, 4pm PST – Sacred Soul Spaces

Thursday, May 6, 4pm PST – Daily Routines and Connection

* This class is on Wednesday due to travel conflict


The class will be held Live on Zoom. All classes will be recorded, so if you miss a Live session, you can watch the replay. Use our private FB group for any questions and feedback. 


Price = $230 (shipping included within the US)

Design Your Best Life Upgrade

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$180.00Sale Price

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    * Manifestation Bundle *

    In this transformational 3-piece set, you'll learn intentional strategies to create trans-formation in your body, mind, and spirit. Each sacred guide (Abundance, Self-Love, Inner Peace) includes a cheat sheet that shares the crystals, essential oils, plants, and colors to enhance that area of your life, along with a powerful affirmation.

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