Amethyst-Apatite Necklace

amethyst – opens your third eye for meditation, developing intuition, enhancing creativity and connects you with the divine

blue apatite – increases intellect, imagination and intuitive awareness, expands service and humanitarian pursuits, meditation/awareness tool, enhances energies of other crystals/stones, brings harmony and inner peace on all levels

tanzanite – transformation, metaphysical healing, developing psychic power, accelerating spiritual growth, helping one connect with spirit guides, and calming and soothing the mind and body

Herkimer diamond – brings unbridled spontaneity and joy, balances the mental, emotional and physical levels, clears/opens chakras, relieves tension, piece of mind, astral travel, bringer of abundance

Lemurian quartzinspires unconditional love for the Divine and each other, promotes self-confidence


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Amethyst-Apatite necklace


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    * Manifestation Bundle *

    In this transformational 3-piece set, you'll learn intentional strategies to create trans-formation in your body, mind, and spirit. Each sacred guide (Abundance, Self-Love, Inner Peace) includes a cheat sheet that shares the crystals, essential oils, plants, and colors to enhance that area of your life, along with a powerful affirmation.

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